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Tablero Electrónico DGT Smart Board

Tablero Electrónico DGT Smart Board


Absolutely! The DGT USB E-Board is suitable for online chess tournaments. Here’s why:

  • Integration with Chess Software: The e-board connects to your PC and works seamlessly with chess software. You can play against engines, participate in online tournaments, and analyze games.

  • Live Game Transmission: Use it for live broadcasting during tournaments. Spectators can follow the game move by move.

  • Accurate Move Registration: The e-board ensures precise move recording, critical for tournament play.

  • Time Management: Some e-boards include built-in clocks, essential for timed games.

In summary, the DGT USB E-Board is a reliable choice for online chess competitions!

  • Garantía:

    Este producto cuenta con Garantía Omnichess y esta sujeto a nuestras Políticas de Devolución.

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